In this article, I’ll show you a technique to centralize authentication using AWS Lambda functions while still allowing for customized authentication methods that propagate to the whole environment instantly.

As mentioned in this article, there are two types of Lambda Authorizers but long story short, we will take advantage of the more complete one, called Lambda Request Authorizer, which provides all the request information needed for very customized validations.

Let’s get into some code.


To have a custom JWT token to validate, we need to implement a token generator, an authentication endpoint.

For the sake of simplicity, the lambda function…

Golang and Atari Pong
Golang and Atari Pong

A quick description of how I structured a simple Atari Pong game using a DDD approach.

Tony The Tiger
Tony The Tiger

Hi there, welcome to my first cybersecurity walkthrough

This is a walkthrough on the Tony The Tiger.

This is an exploit on a message serialization vulnerability CVE-2015–7501, which allows code execution when deserializing messages.

So what we’ll do is try to execute some netcat reverse shell on the host to gain access and then rooting it.

Task 1 Deploy

Deploy the machine

Task 2 Intro

All answers are in the introduction paragraph so kindly written by the author of the room, figure it out!

Task 3 Recon

We can NMAP the host to check for open ports

nmap -sC -sV -oN nmap {IP}

Notice that the question explicitly asks…

Matheus Antunes de Jesus

Software Developer at Loanboox

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